January 21 2018


Another week down! This week I was able to spend as much time on Mellow Meadows as usual because I was soaking up the sun in Hawaii with my mother in law. With that being said I did get to make a few crucial changes to the game. Since I didn't work on the game as much as I usually do I will switch this weeks format up a little bit. Instead of listing out each day and what I did I will just tell you what I did in chronological order. After doing that I'll dive into a few things I have planned for the game and some timelines I have for the game. So let's get started!

I know in last weeks blog I said I would eventually replace the stampede image and for now I was done working on the ERM but I thought the stampede image was hideous and so I changed that before doing anything else. If you look in the picture to the right you will see the stampede is now an image of different felines running together and I added a particle effect to simulate dirt/dust rising up as they run. I'm still not 100% happy with this desing but I think it will work for now. The next thing I did was add functionality to breed selection at the set up screen. Before this week when you selected the starter breed in the set up screen it just saved that value but never actually changed the image for your dog in the Meadow scene. Now when you select a starter breed it actually changes the image and as of right now you can start with a brown lab, black lab, or white lab. The next thing I did was reworked the dog breeding barn to now be a dog adoption barn. This will be an area you can go to to adopt a dog with slightly lower stats than your dog so that you can breed it and generate offspring. Now the adoption barn gives you an option to adopt two dogs based of what the breed and stats of your current dog are. The next thing I had to do was add the functionality to have a second dog at the Meadow scene. After I implemented that you now can adopt a dog from the adoption barn and that dog will appear in the Meadow. The last thing I did this week was add puppies!! Check out the two puppies at slightly different ages in the image to the left. Now your dog starts as a puppy and ages and grows over time! As of right now a dogs life span is about 40 minutes of in game time. This is definitely subject to change but I don't want the player to have the same dog the whole game because the point of the game is to train your dog to raise stats then breed it so its offspring will have higher base stats then train that generation of dogs and rinse and repeat. I am still tweaking the aging system and trying to find the best way to record the amount time the user has played. That is about all I've done this week sent I spent so much of the week vacationing. I'll try to spend more time on the computer this week and less time on the beach so I have more to update you on in next weeks blog! But for now Ill tell you a little about some timelines and expectations I have for the game!

My release date for the game really depends on when I move from Hawaii. That timeframe is up in the air as I am being considered for a position after Hawaii and if I get that position I will leave Hawaii in May. I would like to release the game the week before I move so if I get the position I will plan on releasing the game the first week of May. If I don't get the position I will not be leaving Hawaii until November of 2018. I will then probably try to spend more time fleshing out the game and release in August. The reasoning for releasing the game before moving is that I don't want to get distracted from the game long enough where I might stop working on it. I want to stay committed to these weekly dev blogs and working on the game almost daily until it comes out. So as of right now I am planning as if I get the position and will be releasing first week of May. My timelines for a May release date are as follows: mostly finish building the breeding system by the 4th of February, mostly finish a second minigame that is a sidescroller like mario by 25 February, mostly finish a third minigame about defending against endless waves of cats by 11 March, mostly finish the campaign 15 April, finish off all mechanics of the game by 22 April, and spend the remaining time before release rehashing all the graphics/sounds/UI until I'm happy with it. All of these timely are not set in stone and are definitely subject to change. This is just to give me some goals to hit. If I finish one section early that will just give me more time to work on others. If I dont get position after Hawaii and end up releasing the game in August I will give my self two more weeks for each part of the game and spend any extra time on graphics/sounds/UI. I will find out about my job oppurtunity after Hawaii in a few weeks and when I do I will let you know so you know when to expect the game to release. I hope you enjoyed reading about this weeks updates and my future timelines. Also check out my previously released game at this Download link. If you have any suggestions for my website or devlog please comment below and let me know! Thanks for reading and until next time, stay mellow!