January 14 2018


It's been one hectic week! Outside of programming I've worked 12 hour days, gotten called back in to work, and had family fly in to town. Even with all that going on I still managed to spend around 13-14 hours working on Mellow Meadows! I spent this week trying to refine the ERM before focusing on the breeding system. Alot of the work I've done in the ERM is shown in the GIF above! So let me start by telling you about what I did Monday.

On Monday I wanted to focus on the adding on to the cats that are in the ERM and fixing a small bug in that scene. The bug I fixed was as issue with the cat images blurring when they were animated and moving down the screen. Basically the pixels wouldn't perfectly align with the iPhone screens pixels causing it to look blurry. I fixed the by implementing a line of code in the animation loop that moves each pixel on the sprite to the nearest pixel on the iPhone screen. The next thing I did on Monday was add two more cat breeds to the ERM scene. Right now I have a black, brown, and orange cat in the scene and I have about 10 more breed combinations to add down the road. The last thing I did Monday was make it where when a cat spawns it picks a random cat breed.

Now on to Tuesday! This Tuesday I focused on fleshing out the leveling function. I implemented a system that changes the movement speed of the cats based off the level. The leveling system is based off the score system I implemented previously. The score adds 1 score every 0.1 seconds. So it adds 10 score every second. The level system changes levels every time the score reaches an increment of 100. Not only do movements speeds change during leveling but I added the functionality to spawn certain animals on certain levels, even though I hadn't added any new animals at this point. The only other thing I did Tuesday was start looking up free replacement sprites to swap out the cats as I wanted the pixelated look to be a little more detailed.

Even though Wednesday was a busy day prepping four our family flying in I still got a few things done for the game. After finding the perfect set of replacement sprites for the game I decided I wanted to start implementing other animals. So the first thing I did on Wednesday is add a tiger to the game that starts spawning once your score reaches 1000, which is level 10. At that time the max level was 10 so I went ahead and added 10 more levels. After that I decided to go ahead and add a third type of cat, the cheetah. The cheetah starts spawning at level 20. Since the max level was 20 I added 10 more and as of right now the max level is 30 and after 30 movement speeds stop increasing. Since I added two new animals with a new pixel style on Wednesday I decided I'd go ahead and replace the previous cat images with new images from the source I found my tiger and cheetah images. That was the last thing I did on Wednesday.

Unfortunately Thursday I ended up working a 12 hour day and getting called in so I didnt work on the game on Thursday. Friday and Saturday was the day my family arrived so I spent Friday relaxing with family and site seeing in Hawaii. But today (Sunday), I made up for skipping on working on the game Friday or Saturday by working on the game for 6-7 hours.

The very first thing I wanted to do today was fix the health bar. At the beginning of the day the health bar had a few issues. The first issue is that the bar directly scaled to health count without a set length. Which isn't good because if down the road, a dog is bred with twice the health as another dog that health bar would take up twice as much of the screen at the top. I wanted the health bar to scale off your percentage of the dogs health and not the actual health count. After implementing that I had to fix the issue where the health bar would scale away from the health symbol. Once I fixed that I implemented a system that let different animals do different damage to you. For example the starter dog has 10 health, a cat does 3 damage to you, a tiger does 6 damage to you and a cheetah does 4 damage to you if it hits you. After that I realized the game was still way to easy so I needed to add other obstacles to increase the difficulty. The first thing I implemented to increase the difficulty were puddles that slow you down when step in them. The next thing I did was add small snakes that spawn and do 1 damage to you if they hit you. The final thing I did was create a stampede image that is supposed to be a stampede of cats/tigers/cheetahs that are chasing you and they slowly take up more of the screen the farther you make it. The stampede stops moving up the screen at around level 15 and stays at the position the rest of the game. After doing this I tested it out and I think the mini game is almost at the right difficulty. I need to tweak thing a little more and I may add one more type of feline like a lion. I also want to eventually replace the background and the stampede image, but for now I think that's a good start. That was the last thing I completed for this week was replacing the dog image to match the style of the new feline images. Next week I will start focusing on fleshing out the breeding system much more. Well thats all I have for this week. Check out the GIF at the top of the post to get a visual for the new features I added this week. Also check out my previously released game at this Download link. Thank you for your support and as always stay mellow! See you here next week!