January 1 2018


Welp! I finally did it. I learned web development and built my own site to start dev blogging as I build my next game 'Mellow Meadows'. I will be updating this site weekly with any updates or progress I've made not just with Mellow Meadows but with any software development progress I've made.

So to really start this thing off let me tell you about my game Mellow Meadows. Mellow Meadows is going to be a game which primarily focuses on breeding dogs and improving their stats/abilities to further yourself in the campaign. The campaign is going to take place in a world where cats have taken over and have enslaved dogs. You as the human leader of the pack must raise and strengthen your dogs to take back over the land. You will do this by playing three different mini games that raise specific stats and nurturing your animals by playing with them, feeding them, and petting them. The plan is to come up with a system that allows for as many breeds of dogs possible. I've done a little research on proceredural generation and I've considered try to create some sort of procedural generator for the pixel sprites that the dogs will use. But as of right now I think thats a little beyond my skillset.

So right now my current plan to implement all the breeds is to have 10 breeds minimum and each breed has a mix breed with every other breed. Here's an example to show you just how much work it will be to implement just three breeds. Say I have a poodle a lab and husky. Each breed has its own set of 12 images. Three images are needed to animate the dog walking left, three for walking right, three for walking up, and three for walking down. So thats 12 images for the poodle, lab, husky, poodle-lab mix, poodle-husky mix, and lab-husky mix. That 6 different breeds of dogs times 12 images per dog. So just to include three breeds of dogs I will have to manually generate 72 images. Therefore just to get to the 10 breeds minimum I would like I would have to create 12 images for 55 breeds/mix breeds which totals to 660 images I'd have to create. This would be a pretty lengthy process in itself and it would take away from time spent to developing the actual gameplay. So for now I am going to work with just three breeds and focus more on the gameplay while I come up with ideas on more efficient ways to implement breeds. Ideally I can find an efficent way to create hundreds or even thousands of breeds.

I want the player to get the same sort of excitement players have when they breed in games like dragonvale. For those of you who don't know what Dragonvale is, it's a dragon breeding game where you can breed 100's of different dragons. Another pretty good comparison to what I envision in my breeding system is a game that was never completely developed by the creators of Super Meat Boy called 'Mew Genics'. Basically it was a cat breeding game with thousands of different possibilites of cats. Mew-Genics is actually what inspired me to make Mellow Meadows. Well I'm gonna go ahead and wrap things up as I don't want to overwhelm anyone on my first dev blog. To finish things off see a list of most of my planned features below.

Planned Features:

Well thats all I have today! If you want to see screenshots of my current gameplay check out my portfolio HERE! Come back next week to see info of what progress I've made on may game so far. As for now, stay mellow and see you next time!