About Me

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Here's are a few things about me besides software development.

Let's start with my childhood. I was born in South Carolina but I was only their briefly. My mother lived a gypsy lifestyle and constantly moved around the country to be close to other family members. By the time I was 18 I had lived in 8 states, attended 13 grade schools, and lived in around 20~ different houses. I graduated highschool in South Mississippi, which is where I call home. It is also where I met my wife. We began dating senior year and went to college together for a semester at the University of Southern Mississippi. After that semester I joined the military and we did a long distance relationship for three years as she earned her degree. Once she finished her degree, she moved to the base I'm stationed at currently.

Since I've been in the military I've been stationed at three bases. I spent a year in Texas, a year in Turkey, and now I am stationed in Hawaii for three years. My wife and I have really enjoyed Hawaii! I have been able to pick up new hobbies like paddleboarding, skydiving, hiking and surfing! I have many hobbies other than just what I've picked up on the island. I enjoy playing video games (obviously). I also enjoy woodworking. I've crafted things like: tv stands, end tables, coffee tables, outdoor benches and cornhole board sets. While this is not necessarily a hobby, another thing in life I enjoy is animals! I have a beautiful, crazy, wild, needy, hyper, loving Husky named Blu and a bipolar but super loving kitty named Oliver! I think that is why I am so passionate about my next game, Mellow Meadows!

Here's a brief summary of how I began software development.

As I was growing up I had no intentions of becoming a software developer. I graduated high school and less than a year later I decided to join the military. I joined the United States Air Force in January 2013 and began my career in Information Technology. After getting the oppurtunity to write a few scripts for my job, I caught the coding bug. This is when my interest in programming began to grow. I started researching programming in and outside of work to feed my urge to learn more about software development. It wasn't until Christmas of 2016 after my wife purchased me my first Mac that I actually began programming. I spent the 28 days following Christmas reading books/watching youtube videos/asking a billion questions on forums about programming. As I was doing this I was also developing my first application.

Dodge It Rocket was released on 23 January 2017. Since then I've taken two college programming courses and three online bootcamps to further my knowledge in both software development and web development. Around Thanksgiving 2017 I began developing my next application, Mellow Meadows. In mid December I took a bootcamp in web development so that I could create my own dev blog site. Now that you know a little about me, the work I've put in, and what my aspirations are, I hope it allows you to better appreciate and enjoy my games/projects. I hope you stay to read my dev blog on this site that will fill you in on what I've been working on and the progress I've made. My blog will be updated weekly so stick around! Now check out some pics of me, my wife, and our adorable animals!